When clients ask about us and in particular, “What exactly do you do?”… Our answer is simple. We connect the dots. The “dots” that we speak of include the several arms of the “octopus” that is branding- a message or your story about your products or service, your website, social media and your overall marketing, in general. It all goes hand in hand. It’s often difficult for our clients to wrap their brains around the fact that there are several “moving parts” that must be considered with regards to running a business these days. As you build the strategy and the plan for your entire marketing message, and in particular, for your individual “brand” and “image”, your website is only one piece of this puzzle. However, it is typically one of the most important pieces and should be considered the hub, or “Home-Base” for your brand.

Together, we listen to each other and map out the strategy and execution step by step. We get to know your business and “style”, as well as your client audience intimately, while we work to educate you on how your beautifully designed site is much more than just “beauty”, but rather a living “call-to-action” tool that helps you find the right customers for your business and gets them to want to communicate with you. We specialize in branding and love the opportunity to design logos, print pieces, RESPONSIVE web design, email marketing and even your social media.




Jackson Taylor Design is a true reflection of what comes about over years of experience, great clients, and a great team! One of the primary sources of our success is taking care of the relationships we build with our clients and the quality of the dynamic development of our products and services. Oh, and we have fun making you look really good. 


That’s right, this is where we shine. Branding is our specialty and we think your brand must have a unified, consistent look throughout all avenues of your business. Whether, it’s your web site, your business cards, your brochures, postcards – we encapsulate “you” and your brand and help refine your memorable “signature” for your customers. Get your personality on. 

Real Estate Design

 If you are a REALTOR and you don’t know if your IDX solution is integrated or not, it’s probably not. Is your site RESPONSIVE? Does it load well on phones, tablets and PC’s? We’ve specialized in designing for the real estate industry since 2001. Would your plummer plan your wedding? Trust the experts. 


We have some of the best copywriters that are extremely talented at telling your story. We incorprate ‘best practices’ when it comes to writing for our clients, with SEO on our minds. 

Print Design

Print packages, we’ve done it all – from Invitations to Thank Yous, Postcards, Brochures, Magazines, Catalogues, Listing Presentations, Tradeshow Booths…we’ve even wrapped cars!! Print can make a great first impression when executed with finesse.

Responsive Design

Are you Mobile-Ready? Still pinching your screen in and out on your iphone? Come on, get with it, Get Responsive! We’re leading the pack in Responsive, Parallax, One-Page, Retina-Ready web sites.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a mixed bag – whether its buying Google Ad words, Email Marketing, Ghost Writing or Social Networking our team is the best at connecting the dots.


 Browse through our client work and see how much fun we have with our projects!

We have the best team that all help produce what you see here. That includes Copywriters, Teams of Code Ninjas, SEO Gurus, Social Media Mavins, UX/UI Pros, and all of the design you see here is 100% Jodi Kirkwood. Enjoy! 


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